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Speaking and Training Topics

Buyer Attraction Workshops:

  •   Working with Buyers in Today’s Market : Perplexed on how to work with today’s buyers? Serious Internet buyer leads are a new phenomenon that many agents still find elusive. Buyers are becoming frustrated with new lender regulations and they are overwhelmed with choices. Learn how to be selective with the buyers you work with, work smarter with your buyers, stay the course and get them to commit to buying a home from you. Buyers can be easy, profitable and fun to work if you have a process and strategy in place. Learn tried and true techniques that help you stay ahead of the game and achieve customer delight. In this session, we discuss how to identify motivated buyers, determine their urgency and secure their ongoing commitment and loyalty. Start working with serious buyers, show fewer homes and increase your closing ratio. Audience: Agents 
  •   Compelling Buyers to Call – Techniques for Attracting Buyers in Today’s Market: A workshop specifically tailored to create systems to attract buyers, or compel potential buyers to identify themselves so you may follow up and build a relationship with them. From selecting direct target audiences for your message to crafting those messages, setting yourself apart with a Unique Selling Proposition and utilizing Direct Response Marketing techniques, compelling headlines and offers of free information into all of your marketing that will triple your response rate. You’ll also learn how to utilize online marketing tools to attract buyers and differentiating yourself from your competition. Audience: Everyone 
  •   The Buyer Presentation Workshop: The phone rings, and your off and running to show a property without having any idea of whether or not the buyer is qualified, serious or might commit to working with you. How can you convert the buyer with a formal or informal buyer presentation? Learn the techniques to entice a buyer to work exclusively with you by differentiating yourself from other agents. In the workshop, you’ll learn the approach to starting a presentation with the buyers. You’ll learn the words and see specific slides, and concepts that will dramatically increase your conversion ratio for buyers and help keep buyers loyal to you. Audience: Everyone 
  •   Generating Buyer Referrals - How to Turn Buyers into Raving Fans – The easiest time to generate referrals from a customer is during their transaction, when they are focused on buying real estate. Learn the secrets of Customer Relationship Management in order to deliver ‘Wow’ service, and excite your buyers to refer you new buyers regularly. Learn the skills, words and techniques of the Buyer Development System. Audience: Agents


Residential Real Estate Topics

  •     The 10 Secrets of Online Marketing and Social Media: Why is social media marketing so powerful? How can a Realtor double their income in an hour a day with social media marketing? What is viral marketing? What’s the difference between Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, ActiveRain, LinkedIn and dozens of other systems? Learn the secrets of free marketing, networking tools, social media, the social media rules of engagement, viral property marketing, and how to syndicate your listings – and put some fun back into your real estate career. In this program, we'll also be going through an explanation of why online marketing needs to have direct response components to attract clients, how to add them to our web marketing, how to position websites and improve the number of people who return to your site often and how to improve your ranking online. Audience: Everyone 
  •   Guerilla Tactics to Sell Homes in a Slow Market - Now our most popular workshop, a book based on our program will be released by Source Books in mid 2008 (and will be available everywhere).  There are literally dozens of methods to attract ready, willing and able buyers to your listings... if you just know where to look and how to attract them!  If you're interested in having this workshop taught in your area, contact us at c21keim@yahoo.com 
  • The Ultimate Listing Presentation - This 5 hour workshop is a full listing track to help an agent understand the mindset of the property seller and to list the property 90+% of the time.
  •  The Ultimate Real Estate Prospecting System: Step by Step - There are hundreds of methods to attract ready, willing and able sellers and buyers to your door step. Our program outlines many unique methods of attracting attention and building your personal inventory right now. You'll be able to use our proven techniques immediately! Based on Loren Keim’s new book.
  • Taking Your Business to the Next Level - There are stages any real estate professional goes through on their road to mastery. From beginner to intermediate to advanced to building a real estate team and a full real estate practice. This workshop is designed to step through the process of building a highly successful real estate career with a high 6 figure income.
  •  Two Hundred Listings a Year - A systematic approach to structuring your real estate practice to bring in 200+ listings each year. This program is designed for existing high producers.
  • The WOW Factor for Realtors - Using systems to deliver exceptional service in order to entice your customer base to refer you more business.
  •  Real Estate Prospecting Step by Step- There are hundreds of methods to attract ready, willing and able sellers and buyers to your door step.  Our program outlines many unique methods of attracting attention and building your personal inventory right now.  You'll be able to use our proven techniques immediately! 

Commercial Real Estate Topics

  •     Introduction to Commercial Real Estate - An overview of the field of Commercial Real Estate, designed for new agents and residential agents considering a change into the field of commercial real estate.
  •    Marketing Commercial Real Estate in the 21st Century - Using technology, technological tools and resources, and the Internet to build your commercial real estate practice and market yourself and your commercial and investment properties. 
  •     The Art of the 1031 Exchange - How to sell investment and commercial real estate and defer the Capital Gains taxes.

Small Business Development Topics

  •     The WOW Factor - Developing Systems and Service to take your small business to the next level.