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Loren Keim is an author, international speaker, professor, broker and authority on real estate and the housing market. 

Keim is a Professor and the Program Manager of Lehigh
University’s Goodman Center for Real Estate, where he performs an economic
analysis and housing projections.  He has
appeared on television and radio programs to talk about the housing market and
the real estate market cycles.

As an author, he has written several successful how-to books
about real estate, including “How to Sell Your Home in Any Market”,
“The Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate”, “Real Estate
Prospecting: The Ultimate Resource” and “Life Lessons… from the
back seat of my car”, as well as educational programs for Realtors,
continuing education and real estate organizations worldwide.  He has trained brokers and agents throughout
North America and from more than 20 countries.

Keim is also President of Century 21 Keim Realtors in
Pennsylvania, with more than 100 brokers, agents, appraisers and team members serving
the Eastern Pennsylvania and Central New Jersey.

His insight as well as his quick witted humor has made him a
sought after speaker at real estate events.

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