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Intro to Commercial Real Estate – Commercial Property Types,Commercial Investment Property types and terminology

The key to pricing a Commercial property is understanding the highest and best use, doing research on the property and the surroundings, and building a database of comparables. The 2nd segment to the Intro to Commercial Real Estate series goes into how to gather that information on the property, the surroundings, the market and potential uses and apply that information to analyze the value and marketability of the property.

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Series with Loren Keim. Commercial Investment Analysis and Financial Analysis. What are Gross Rent Multipliers? How can I calculate a Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate) for a particular property type in a particular area? What does Internal Rate of Return mean in a real estate transaction? What’s the difference between a Direct Cap value and a Discounted Cash Flow value?

Commercial real estate leases are integral to virtually every aspect of commercial real estate. A commercial broker must understand leases in order to lease and negotiate space for their clients, whether they are landlords or tenants. Leases and the various methods that building costs are split between landlords and tenants are important in determining a property’s value. The sales price of most income-producing properties is directly related to the income the property generates after expenses

Financing Commercial Real Estate – What paperwork do lenders require for a loan? How is it processed? How are commercial loans financed? Learn about commercial investment lending with Loren Keim of Real Estate’s Next Level.

Learn many creative methods of prospecting for commercial real estate listings, buyers and tenants with Loren Keim at Real Estate’s Next Level Commercial Real Estate Education.

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